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Live in Community

Central Communities

More than two hours on a Sunday, church is about sharing life together. Across our city every week we meet as Communities; groups of people who are working out what it means to love Edinburgh, be family and follow Jesus together.

Meeting a new bunch of people can be daunting, but we promise you’ll always find a warm welcome here. With loads of Communities to choose from, we can help you find one that fits.

If you are new to faith or curious about learning more, sign up for Alpha!

Loving Edinburgh

As the people of Jesus in Edinburgh, we get to show and share the gospel everywhere we go. God calls us to all be in different places and spaces through our work, volunteering and social life. We want to be intentional and challenge one another in our Communities about sharing Jesus and showing His love in those spaces and in practical ways.  We recognise many people in our city who are marginalised, lacking in hope or searching and asking questions. We want people within our Communities, to be people of hope and joy to all, because of Jesus. We want to see Edinburgh transformed through Jesus and it starts with us.

Being family

As the family of God, we take time regularly to eat together and share life with one another. Communities are sometimes centred around a particular part of the city or a particular missional focus but they are invitational spaces to be family together. They are spaces to love one another, support each other and be family- the good times and the hard times. Our Communities are places of hospitality that are accessible.

Following Jesus

As disciples of Jesus, we live our lives around the lifestyle of Jesus. Our Communities are spaces to spend time praying together, reading the Bible, growing as disciples and creating spaces for Holy Spirit to move. We believe that spiritual formation takes place in Community so that together we grow as disciples with hearts and minds that become more like Jesus and impact the decisions and choices we make in our lives. 

How do I join a Community?

Communities are open to anyone, whether you know Jesus or are interested in finding out more about him.

The best place to start is by having a good look through all of our Communities. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, contact the Community Leaders and go and visit a couple of the Communities. Meet people and see what they do. No one will be offended if you go to try out their Community but decide it’s not quite for you!

We’re always up for chatting to you and helping you find a Community. Drop us an email or come chat to us in the Connect Area on a Sunday.

Start a Community

We love to champion people who have a heart and a passion to lead and if God has given you a particular desire to start a Community in a new part of the city, with a different missional focus then we would love to hear from you. When people start to explore the possibility of leading a new Community we connect them with someone from the Communities Team and we find a Huddle for them to join for support and Leadership Development . If you would be interested in leading a Community then do contact Odele Harding.